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FOREMOST INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS is well established Market Leader as a Manufacturer & a Leading Exporter of Parts for the Electric Motor and Pump Industry in India. Our Product Range includes Plastic Fans, Terminal Blocks, Centrifugal Switches, Pump Parts, Plastic Terminal Boxes, M.S. Fan Covers, and Terminal Boxes.

We have a Dedicated Team of Engineers & Technicians continuously striving for successful implementation using cutting-edge technologies for Projects involving Development, Execution, and Import Substitution in Plastic Injection and Compression Moulding.

On occasions, we have undertaken Projects for Converting Industrial Components from METAL to PLASTIC , thereby creating an Efficient and Eco – Friendly Environment.

We are well-recognized by most of the Original Equipment Motor & Pump Manufacturers in India. We regularly export to countries like the USA, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Middle East, and African Countries.

We have State of Art Manufacturing facilities with Latest PLC Controlled Injection & Compression Moulding Machines and a Factory area spread over 12000 sq. Ft. with in house Quality Control Department enabling us to produce Quality products at the most Competitive Prices.

Our SME Credit ratings are established with CRISL & thereby enjoy tremendous Customer Confidence.

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